About Cosme

Cosme Creative Cosmetics Co., Ltd. established in 1996. With more than 20 years of R&D experience, we specialize in makeup and skincare products.

We have professional facilities and top quality manufactories in both Tainan, Taiwan and Xiamen, China, which can manufacture a large number of cosmetic products. The standard of our manufactories both adopted clean rooms with class 100,000.

cosme cosmetics factory
Our company has the most strict manufacturing process and follow the ISO 22716 Quality Certification. We provide our clients with a one-stop service for all their needs.

To maintain the our product at world-class and high-quality standards, the company adopted the most practical and functional raw materials. We also introduce the latest technology in formula and the highest performance in distillation.

cosme cosmetics factory
Raw material control

Meanwhile, we carried out a strictly safety control for all raw materials, which are imported from Europe countries, Britain, the United States, Japan, Australia, Spain, West Africa and other places; all the raw materials are equipped with M.S.D.S(Material Safety Data Sheet Material Safety Certification) COA(Counsil on Accreditaion test book).

And has cooperated with NAASIA Biotechnology Research Center, CLARK Pharmaceutical Laboratories in the United States, and Merck Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s top ten R & D teams, to develop and develop “Volulip” and Maxi-Lip beauty sculptures that are most suitable for Asian skin. High moisturizing patented ingredients and high-performance makeup formula.


We think from the consumer’s point of view, the combination of practicality, safety cosmetics fashion, and the use of biotechnology to achieve specific, peace of mind, ease, no-load commitment.

Consumer perspective

Thinking from the consumer’s point of view, we aim to fulfill the different needs of our customers and help our clients to achieve their beautiful wishes.

Biological Technology

We own a Class 100,000 cleanroom and a high standard R&D laboratory, a variety of advanced equipment and high-tech R&D testing equipment are provided.


By focusing on research and development, experimentation and testing process, we ensure to develop functional and technical beauty products.


Combining with fashion, we put natural, luxury, innovative and cutting-edged idea into our products.


We cooperate with Pharmaceutical Industry Technology Development Center with product analysis; also, the production process is in accordance with ISO22716.